bleats, bleating, bleated
1) VERB When a sheep or goat bleats, it makes the sound that sheep and goats typically make.

From the slope below, the wild goats bleated faintly.

[V-ing] ...a small flock of bleating ewes and lambs.

Bleat is also a noun.

...the faint bleat of a distressed animal.

2) VERB If someone bleats, they speak in a weak, high voice. [WRITTEN]

[V with quote] `I don't want it,' Eric bleated.

Bleat is also a noun.

She wanted to scream, but all that would come out was this faint bleat.

3) VERB (disapproval) If you say that someone bleats about something, you mean that they complain about it in a way which makes them sound weak and irritating.

[V about n] They are always bleating about `unfair' foreign competition...

[V prep/adv] Don't come bleating to me every time something goes wrong. [Also V that]

Phrasal Verbs:
whinge, whine

English dictionary. 2008.

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